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I'm Lauren, or LP. Nice to meet ya.

I'm so glad you found me. Art has been such a huge part of my life, for as long as I can remember. Music, painting, writing, photography, you name it. It's many outlets make up who I am and have put me back together when I couldn't do so myself. I really struggled in college, as I was forced to deal with trauma I had pushed aside for years, but art was the only constant that could save me. I was and still very much am a planner at times. My entire life was planned out for me. It's so laughable now. I always had a plan for my future but when it came time to graduate college, out of fear, I moved to Spain for 6 months. I returned home with a magical new view on a life, and all previous plans destroyed. In a whirlwind of events, somehow I am doing exactly what I always wanted to do but never believed that I could. I am an artist and I am living the dream. At first I felt ridiculous, I spent time and money on a degree that I am not even using? Nonsense. I use it everyday. I connect with strangers and capture their essence. I show them their beauty and leave them better than when I met them. It's more than just pictures, I'm emotionally invested. Are you ready for this? Let me tell your story. xo, LP

Quick Facts:

I grew up on my family's cattle ranch in a small town. Yep, the epitome of a Texas girl.

I have a degree in Psychology + Art History from Texas State University.

I live in Austin, TX but I will travel anywhere you'll let me!

I have two fur babies, River + Raine (I wanna see ALL the dog pics you've got)

You can often find me...

Working in the garden with my dogs sunbathing next to me.

Listening to podcasts/audiobooks while editing in my pj's and sipping on kombucha.

Watching Grey's Anatomy and describing the characters as if they were my friends.

Running with my dogs on one of the many trails Austin has to offer.


This is Lyric.

She's the real MVP. Life gets a little crazy over here, so she is my go-to behind the scenes gal to ensure you have the best experience with LP Photography! She was handpicked by me and has been an awesome addition to the biz. I know you're going to LOVE her!

Quick Facts:

- studying public relations at UT Austin

- has the cutest golden retriever Bolly and ferret named Sadie! :) Animal mama for the win.

- a total beauty guru that loves saltwater fishing with her family. Get you a girl who can do both.

Enough about us! Tell me bout ya self