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I'm Lauren, or LP. Nice to meet ya.

I'm so glad you found me. Art has been such a huge part of my life, for as long as I can remember. Music, painting, writing, photography, you name it. It's many outlets make up who I am and have put me back together when I couldn't do so myself. I really struggled in college, as I was forced to deal with trauma I had pushed aside for years, but art was the only constant that could save me. I was and still very much am a planner at times. My entire life was planned out for me. It's so laughable now. I always had a plan for my future but when it came time to graduate college, out of fear, I moved to Spain for 6 months. I returned home with a magical new view on a life, and all previous plans destroyed. In a whirlwind of events, somehow I am doing exactly what I always wanted to do but never believed that I could. I am an artist and I am living the dream. At first I felt ridiculous, I spent time and money on a degree that I am not even using? Nonsense. I use it everyday. I connect with strangers and capture their essence. I show them their beauty and leave them better than when I met them. It's more than just pictures, I'm emotionally invested. Are you ready for this? Let me tell your story. xo, LP

Quick Facts:

I grew up on my family's cattle ranch in a small town. Yep, the epitome of a Texas girl.

I have a degree in Psychology + Art History from Texas State University.

I live in Austin, TX but I will travel anywhere you'll let me!

I have two fur babies, River + Raine (I wanna see ALL the dog pics you've got)

You can often find me...

Working in the garden with my dogs sunbathing next to me.

Listening to podcasts/audiobooks: send me your faves!

Sippin’ on or brewing my own kombucha.

Obsessing over Grey’s Anatomy.

Running the trails!


This is Lyric.

She's the real MVP. Life gets a little crazy over here, so she is my go-to behind the scenes gal to ensure you have the best experience with LP Photography! She was handpicked by me and has been an awesome addition to the biz. I know you're going to LOVE her!

Quick Facts:

- studying public relations at UT Austin

- has the cutest golden retriever Bolly and ferret named Sadie! :) Animal mama for the win.

- a total beauty guru that loves saltwater fishing with her family. Get you a girl who can do both.

Enough about us! Tell me bout ya self