An Exotic First Look

Brittaney + Cody // March 2018 - Moulton, TX


First looks are a bit controversial because they go against tradition, casting a spell of treacherous bad luck on the couple, therefore forcing them to live miserably ever after... all because the groom saw the bride in her dress before the ceremony.

Lol, come on.

Truthfully, it's to each his own. I know that for ages it has been tradition for the groom not to lay eyes on the bride until the moment she walks down the aisle towards him, but times are changing and I think a first look has the opportunity to be really special.

So many brides want "the moment" captured. You know the one I'm talking about. The one where the groom sees her and can't hold back the tears. But in reality, not all grooms will show it. It doesn't mean they're feeling any less love and affection for you, but they will do what they can to hold it back because there are most likely hundreds of people in the audience watching. It just depends on the person.

What I love about a first look is that it gives you a moment of peace and privacy. No one's there but you two (and me) but I am merely in the background. I haven't been married myself but from experience in this industry, just about every bride and groom will tell you that the actual wedding day is a complete BLUR. It happens so fast, there are so many people coming up and loving on you both. You want to say hello to everyone and thank them for coming but you can't even have a moment alone with your new SPOUSE and eat dinner without guests approaching your table every five seconds. It's wonderful to be surrounded by so many people that love you, but your wedding day comes and goes so quickly, sometimes you just, need a moment, to soak it all in together. A first look allows you that. A wild build up of anticipation to see the love of your life, all to be released and felt, privately, not in front of everyone you know. They are there to celebrate with you, but you deserve to have a moment alone first.

Another awesome perk to a first look is that you can have it done BEFORE the actual wedding day, especially if you have a very particular location picked out that the wedding day timeline won't allow for, like this session below. Two months ago we went to an exotic ranch, yes, you read that right- I'm talking zebras, camels, watusi and more. Let me tell you it was one for the books. 

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, consider a first look.


Hair- Debbie Aleman, at Shear Designs

MUA- Hayley Blanton (@hayleylavonmakeup)

Dress- Maggie Sottero, from Celebrations in New Braunfels

Earrings- Kendra Scott

Florals- Suzanne's Designs in Luling, TX

Groom's hat- Stetson, D&D Texas Outfitters

Groom's jacket- Ralph Lauren


and now for the big reveal...


This is 40

April 2018 - San Antonio, Texas


I could tell she was nervous the moment I walked in. She booked an in-home boudoir session and although we've met before, I get it, minimal clothing with a camera in front of you.. it's kinda scary. She's also a multi-faceted creative, and I met her the previous summer at a photography workshop. Placing a fellow photographer beyond the camera always excites me. It's important to see things from the other side, (I don't do this often enough).


I walked around her beautiful home while I waited for her to finish getting ready. The light poured in like a dream. Beyonce played in the background and I noticed a small room set up like a studio, with multiple large scale paintings of women's bodies. I was enchanted. She told me she painted them, and in that moment I felt this was right and I grew even more excited for her. She wanted this, she wanted to feel liberated. She's been channeling these feelings through other art forms. Oh but my darling, YOU are ART.

As the session went on I could feel her opening up more and more, and by the end she was wearing nothing but a huge smile across her face and I couldn't help but feel the same. I left her home, glowing. She killed it and I was reminded once again, how much I love what I do. I get to witness a transformation of people's spirit in a mere hour or two. It's pure magic.


She is a wife, a mother, an army veteran, a marathon runner...

She's a badass.


I asked her if I could blog her session and if she would share a bit of her story with me. Here's what she said.... 

I’ve been picking myself apart for most of my life... I had a horrible self esteem as a teenager and in my 20s. My body image has been a constant battle. In my 30s I have come a long way but I still have a hard time walking around in a swimsuit in fear of cellulite on my thighs showing or my stomach looking bloated. It really sucks the life out of a person.

And in a few months I’ll be 40 and I’m too old to waste my life hating on myself... My body has done a lot and I should be proud of these legs that have carried me through 13 marathons and my not so tight abs that held 2 babies. I should love myself in spite of these imperfections.

I wanted to cancel this shoot... I am not in my best shape, I’ve been injured for 7 months and my legs and abs were squishy and not where I wanted them to be. I just gave myself a pep talk... I needed to accept myself, even with a little less muscle. 

I wanted to work with you because I was inspired and impressed by your work. You have a great way of capturing females- their personality, their emotions. Your portraits are strong, fierce and stunning. I learned a lot from the session on how you directed me. This is one of the hardest things to do as a photographer and you directed me like a pro.

I am so happy with the photos. They are artistic and emotional and I’m so proud of myself for going through with it. This was a huge milestone in my life and you captured it beautifully! Thank you for helping me and inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone.
— B

What a beautiful, strong woman, both inside and out. I am so honored she chose me to capture this chapter in her life. I feel so inspired. Ladies, we don't give ourselves enough credit. Remember how powerful you are.

xo, LP




Bridals in the Rough

Beth Lindemann // February 2018 - Shiner, Texas

It stormed the entire afternoon and I was honestly worried about this session. Even though we had a location picked out with indoor opportunities, it was dark outside and muddy and not at all the dreamy environment I envisioned for these bridals. We got there and it was raining so hard we were all stranded in our cars, unable to even begin shooting as planned. My anxiety increased.

We were finally able to run inside while shielding the bride, and I could tell everyone was a little hesitant. We were in an empty but dusty, workshop in the middle of nowhere, but I knew in my heart that this place was a diamond in the rough and had great potential.

I was right.

A stormy day paired with recycled german architecture created some of my most favorite images, ever. A beautiful bride with a heart of gold was the cherry on top.

Dress- Allure Bridals, from The Bridal Rail

Flowers- MO + CO Events and Floral Design

Hair- Nicole Boehm, at Shear Designs

MUA- Jaymie McMains + Chelsea Petty

Sunday Morning Rituals

March 2018 - Gonzales, Texas

I never thought I had "culture." I always found myself on the outside peering in to everyone else's lives in a faraway land believing that they were so cool and different. I couldn't possibly fit into that category. What was so special about me and the way that I was brought up? It was a way of life where I'm from, nothing new. As kids we always crave the grass where its greener, until maybe just one day, we learn to appreciate our own.

As I became an adult and left the bubble of a small town I had always known, I realized, not everyone had the same experiences as me. That is probably one of the biggest culture shocks of college, being opened up and shoved into a room full of different. It's a beautiful thing, but scary at first. It rocks the boat filled with everything you've once known and makes you question your upbringing, your beliefs and rituals, even yourself. It makes you question so much, that maybe you even lose your way- for a moment, for a few years, and maybe, just maybe, you find her again. It is when you find her again that you travel back to your roots and you kiss the ground that they shot up from. Then it hits you, that in fact, these simple, boring rituals like working cattle on sunday with your dad are actually so unique and special, and make up you, and your own culture. This is my culture. This is what makes me, me.

South Texas Ranch Engagements

Jason + Makenzie // Oct 2017 - Gonzales, TX

I grew up with Jason but only met Makenzie for the first time the morning of our session. I was nervous but the moment she stepped out of the car and opened her mouth, I knew it would be a great time.

non. stop. laughter.

I couldn't remember the last time I had laughed that hard for so long and that describes their relationship perfectly. When I asked Jason when he knew she was the one he said, "My Dad has three favorite things in life: hunting, beer, and Makenzie. She made him laugh the day they met, (which is no easy task) and I knew."

Go ahead, see for yourself..

A Dress With a Story

Callie Meredith // Dec 2017 - Cheapside, TX

Callie is an old soul with a heart that can light up any room she steps foot into. It was all too fitting that she wore her fiancé's grandmother's wedding dress on a historical ranch in south Texas. The same month they tied the knot in Vegas, his grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. It was so special capturing this for them.