Come as you are.

My goal is to document life as best as I can without intervening too much. I’m tired of the photos that everyone dreads taking because they’re sooo not realistic. If you’re wanting perfectly posed Pinterest photos (omg say that 3x fast lol), I’m probably not your gal. I’m pretty laid back when shooting. If your kids want to run around, let them, I will follow. If they start crying, I will probably keep taking photos, because parents, you’re going to want payback one day. ;) If you’re just having photos taken of yourself and you’re freaking out because you’ve never done this before, don’t worry, I GOTCHU. I want it to be fun and effortless, like we’re old friends just hanging out!

I have taken hundreds of thousands of photos at this point and they’re all full of stories like a filing cabinet in my memory. I just really love people. I have documented both the beginning and end to life. New chapters. Milestones and more. I’m so happy you’re here considering little ‘ol me. <3 Whoever you are or whatever the occasion, you are welcome here.

I am serious when I say that I can’t get over how well the boys did with taking pictures... It is seriously never like that when the camera comes out. They loved you. Thank you again. <3
— Blaine

Session Rates

30 min - $250 + tax

15 digital images

This session is ideal for young children or for those just needing a quick headshot refresh! There is time for 1 location and 1 outfit.

60 min - $400 + tax

20 digital images

This sessions allows for 2 locations (depending on reasonable distance) + 2 outfits

90 min - $550 + tax

30 digital images

This session is most common for my high school + college seniors. It allows for 2 locations and 3 outfits

all sessions are delivered via online gallery w/ printing rights to the photos of your choice


Groups (4+ people)- $25/each additional person. Ex: This is most commonly used in sessions when there’s a large group of extended family. If you’re a family of 5, not going to charge you for the extra kid. ;)

Travel- $0.50/mi outside Travis County. While I live in Austin, I am from Gonzales and still get hired there so I try to book all of those sessions in one weekend every 1-2 months. When this happens, I will not charge a travel fee.

High Priority Editing- $100-$250. If you are on a time crunch and need your photos delivered quicker, I am happy to bump you to the top of the list, with the fee depending on the time frame you need them by.

Extra Images- $10/each. Every session comes with a specific number of images but you always have the opportunity to purchase more or the entire gallery for a discounted price.

Alllll the details:

The full payment is required to hold your spot on the calendar.

The week of your session you will receive a confirmation email from my assistant Lyric and an online contract to review and sign (will be from Docusign). It’s important you read through it as there are tons of questions answered in there!

It’s a collab! Sometimes people come in knowing exactly what they want for their session but if you’re unsure about a location or have no clue what to freakin’ wear, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks. However, within 1-2 days after your session I will send you a few previews with my watermark on them to get you excited! :D You are welcome to post online as long as you tag me, but you cannot print these (and I wouldn’t suggest it anyway because these are very low quality, ideal for social media only).

Galleries are delivered to your inbox via Pixieset.

The process: you view all of your best photos with the first round of editing done; (this basically means it will look like my coloring/toning). You choose the ones you want, send them back to me, I retouch your choices and deliver the finals to you! (Turnaround time for final edits is usually 1-2 days.) You can then download them straight to your computer and print/post as you please. There will be instructions on how to do this when you receive your gallery! It’s pretty simple.

But what is retouching? And why don’t I get ALL of the photos from the get-go?

Included in the price you pay, I’m going to put some extra love into your images. I figure most people don’t print 200 photos anyway (but hey, do you), so I would rather you pick your absolute favorites that really speak to you. Of course you always have the option to purchase more/all of them if you choose. Once your choices are sent to me, I will go back through and smooth you skin, brighten your eyes, remove people from the background, add some finishing touches and more. I never just want to slap an edit on the photos and deliver them to you. They are works of art, and they are yours.

If you want to get to know me better, you can read more about me here or I’m pretty active over on instagram.

Still not sure if we’re the right fit? I would love to chat on the phone or FaceTime. Let us know if you have any other questions at all!

I look forward to making some magic with you.

xo, LP

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Working with LP is a truly unique experience. (She) has the ability and creativity to tailor each session to her clients needs and tastes. Her passion for photography and never ending lust for education on the topic has led her to be one of the best in the state of Texas. Book today or you are going to regret it!
— Amanda