Learn with me!

I am completely self taught and while I am proud of the years of dedication I've poured into my craft, I realize my progress could have been faster if I had help. I didn't know any other photographers or have access to social media in the same way people do today. For that reason, I offer private mentoring sessions for all levels of aspiring photographers. Whether you are looking to start your own business, grow your skills, or just learn how to better use your camera, I've got you.

I picked up a camera 7 years ago. I believe that throwing a ton of information at someone can only take them so far. I focus on individually curated, hands-on learning with each of my students. This method paired with the drive to become better has brought each of them progress and success. We can work on everything from Manual mode and camera basics, Lightroom/editing, directing a model, marketing, pricing, business practices and more. Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Let's show them what you're made of.



I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reached out to Lauren about a mentor session, but my nervousness quickly fled the second we spoke to each other! Lauren was confident but easy-going, which was a huge comfort in itself. I didn’t realize the experience would be so hands-on but I quickly learned how to adequately use my camera. Even after just 1 mentor session, it helped me greatly! Learning to shoot in Manual and how to adjust my settings accordingly for certain photoshoots has given me control in the final outcome of my photos. I also learned incredibly useful tips on how to direct subjects during our second session, which I have already put into practice! I would HIGHLY recommend mentor sessions to any aspiring or even professional photographer. The amount of improvement in not only my photography overall, but in my confidence as a photographer is priceless.
— Cassie