I cannot give Lauren enough praise. I was immediately drawn to (her) style- which is amazing. But what really sets Lauren apart is her passion for her job and how comfortable she makes you feel. We used her for our engagements and wedding, and when the time comes for a family session or any other life event, you know she will be the first person we call!
— Michael + Zannie // Dec 2018

Come as you are.

If you’ve made it to this point, it means you’re wildly in love- congrats, from the bottom of my heart. Secondly, if you’re here, you are considering me to document your love story, and that means the world. Really.

I’m a small town gal turned Austinite as of 2013 and a camera has been attached to my hand for just as long. I’m a TXST alum, kombucha drinker, dog mama and world traveler. I’m very outgoing and talkative and thrive off a job where I get to constantly connect with new souls and build relationships.

My style and goals for my art have shifted over the years, but I’m truly at a place now of joy and fulfillment. My understanding of photography has grown into something so much deeper. When I shoot a wedding, I am documenting your legacy that will be passed down in an album for new generations to view in awe. Each photo a moment in time, bringing the viewer closer to you, feeling like they were there.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big deal. It’s important that you not only love my work but that we vibe as well. We spend months planning together, and then I get to follow you for an entire day documenting your love. It’s so far passed being a third wheel. ;) I become invested. I will probably cry at your wedding, and then cry again at my desk while editing your gallery. If you are just wanting photos of your day, I’m probably not the photographer for you. My goal is to showcase your love story in a timeless way that reflects you two, truly as you are. Because while your wedding day is SO incredibly special, it’s one day, to the start of your lives. When the guests go home, and the dress is hung up all you have left are the photos along with your memories.

I’m pretty laid back when shooting. I know that not everyone enjoys having their photos taken, but I strive not to intervene too much and instead capture you two in your natural state as the day unfolds. Don’t worry, I won’t just leave you hanging expecting you to be pros. I will always guide you, but ultimately I just want it to feel fun, and easy, like we’re old friends during the entire process.

Real: people. love. stories. No two stories look the same. Whatever yours looks like, you are welcome here and I’m always so honored to play a role in my couples’ lives, shining a bright light onto them.

Lauren is amazing! I love her style and knew I wanted my forever pictures to be by her. She’s super sweet and patient even with all the chaos around her. Also super organized and makes sure to get all the shots you want, even the ones you forget! Love her, 10/10 recommend!!!
— Carley + Abraham // June 2019


SOCO- $3875

  • 8hrs of coverage w/ second shooter

  • Engagement Session (90min w/ 40 images)

  • Bridal Session (90min w/ 40 images)

  • 800 - 1000 images

LADY BIRD- $3200

  • 8hrs of coverage

  • Engagement session (90min w/ 30 images)

  • 600 - 800 images

ZILKER- $2500

  • 6hrs of coverage

  • 400 - 600 images

Every wedding day is different, let us know if you would prefer a custom package!

*All packages include online gallery w/ printing rights.

*All package prices include tax. We like whole numbers around here. ;)

Add-ons + Keepsakes:

Additional time- $300/hr. Every wedding day is different so I’m happy to add on time with any wedding package if needed. This can also be used for rehearsal dinner coverage.

Second shooter- $250. Not every wedding needs a second shooter, I work on my own often but here are examples when you DO need one: if you have a very large wedding party, if the day is spread out into multiple locations (between getting ready, ceremony, reception, etc), or if you have very specific shots that I won’t be able to get to in a limited timeline on my own. If you’re not sure if you need one or not, let me know and we can discuss the details and see if it’s necessary.

Engagements- $400. 90 min, up to 2 locations, 40 images. // If you’re debating whether to take engagements or not, this is the session I will push for the most. Reason being, it’s the time for us to really get to know each other. I will talk your ear off, make dumb jokes, and get you both comfortable being around me, so that by the time the wedding day rolls around, it’s all gravy, baby. It’s also an opportunity for the both of you to choose a location that means something, like maybe where you had your first date, or got engaged.

Bridals- $350. 90min, 1 location, 30 images. // Bridals are an opportunity to do something different. I’ve even had couples use this session to do a first look and portraits a month before the wedding to save time on the actual day, but it’s all up to you. I can still take some bridals of you on the day of, but this allows you more time, a unique location and to have one blown up and on display at your wedding.

Boudoir- $350. 90min, 1 location, 30 images. // OMG, this is such a fun way to surprise your partner! My brides love to rent a cute airbnb, drink some champagne and crank up the music. It’s a great time, you get to pump up your confidence in some BOMB outfits and then I can put together a beautiful book as a wedding gift. If you’ve never done something like this before, trust me I’ve had all kinds of people and styles book a boudoir session. It can be whatever you want it to be and what makes you feel most comfortable. Your partner will love whatever you wear! <3

Day After- $400. 90 min, up to 2 locations, 40 images // I like to have at least 20-30 min allotted for me around golden hour to take portraits on the actual wedding day. Sometimes, you can’t fit it into the schedule or hey, you just wanna go to the reception already and celebrate with your friends. I totally get it. So this session would allow you two to get dressed again the next day, have more time and feel super relaxed taking your portraits.

Anniversary- $400. 90 min, up to 2 locations, 40 images // This has become one of my favorites. What better way to celebrate your love than an anniversary session? Some couples get dressed in their wedding attire but you can truly wear whatever you want. Pick an awesome location that means something to the both of you, or a place you’ve always dreamt of going, and cheers to a milestone together.


10x10 Lay-flat album- $300

  • 20 pages

  • Fabric cover

  • Foil Stamp

8.25x11 Hardcover- $250

  • 100 pages

  • Fabric cover

  • Book jacket


Do you travel?

For sure! All packages include up to an hour of travel. Additional fees will depend on the locations of your sessions and/or venue!

Do you travel out of state/internationally?

Abso-freaking-lutely. I will require travel expenses such as gas, airfare (if needed), lodging, etc. If you’re planning an elopement style wedding, let me know!

Do you deliver RAW/unedited images?

No, to protect the integrity of my work I trust you booked me because you love my style and what I do! <3

Do you retouch images?

Of course! The final products will have my editing style applied along with blemishes taken care of, skin smoothed, etc, and any other requests you may have at my discretion/ability. If a request surpasses my editing skills I’m happy to send images to an expert with the fees paid for by the client.

What is your turn around time?

8-10 weeks.

Why don’t I get all the images from the add-on sessions?

Included in the price you pay, I’m going to put some extra love into your images. I figure most people don’t print 200 photos anyway (but hey, do you), so I would rather you pick your absolute favorites that really speak to you. Of course you always have the option to purchase more/all of them if you choose. Once your choices are sent to me, I will go back through and smooth you skin, brighten your eyes, remove people from the background, add some finishing touches and more. These photos are a little more up close and personal, so the extra editing makes sense. I never just want to slap an edit on the photos and deliver them to you. They are works of art, and they are yours.

Why is there a range of images in the wedding day galleries?

From experience I know the volume at which I shoot and this is the average number of images I deliver depending on how many hours I was there! However, here’s an example: if you invest in the SOCO package and you have 1200 amazing images, I’m going to give you all 1200! I’m not going to cheat you of any of the good stuff, the range is just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Can I see some full wedding day galleries?

Of course! I’m the worst at blogging (working on this), but I’m happy to share some past wedding galleries with you to give a better idea of my work.

I’m ready to book! WHAT’S NEXT?!

AMAZING! I can’t WAIT to get to know you better and I’m so thrilled you’ve chosen me! To book I require a signed contract and a 25% non-refundable deposit. Dates cannot be reserved until these have been received. (The remainder can be split-up into 4-5 monthly payments). Shoot me an email and let’s make it OFFICIAL! :D

I love your work, but I want to be sure it’s right:

I completely understand. I am happy to meet up for coffee/drinks if you’re in Austin or hop on FaceTime to see if we vibe! Let me know what’s best for y’all. :)

We LOVE Lauren! She was SO easy to work with. My fiance doesn’t like taking pictures but he even said he really enjoyed it! I had no idea what I truly wanted I just knew I liked two locations and she found such amazing shots and is so artistic! Seriously, so personable and fun! Can’t wait to do bridals and our wedding with her!
— Meagan + Jake // October 2019
Wow I am speechless! You have no clue how much emotion are behind those pictures. You are so talented and we are so grateful. After looking through the gallery I put on my wedding dress again!
— Cody + Beth // April 2018